• Seven-year-old Indian-Origin schoolgirl wins UK PM's Points of Light Award

    Seven-year-old Indian-Origin schoolgirl wins UK PM's Points of Light Award
    Moksha Roy, who won the accolade from Deputy British Prime Minister Oliver Dowden last week, is the world's youngest...

    Digital Desk: The British Prime Minister's Points of Light award was given to a schoolgirl of Indian origin, Moksha Roy, aged 7, who began volunteering for a United Nations sustainability campaign against microplastic pollution when she was only three years old.

    The title of being the youngest sustainability advocate in the entire globe was awarded to Moksha Roy, who last week accepted the honour from Oliver Dowden, the deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom.

    Moksha has received recognition for her voluntary work on numerous environmental programmes, including efforts to raise money for underprivileged children.

    "In her work as a spokesperson for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Moksha has set a great example. She has gone to great measures to get this in the school curriculum and has been in touch with world leaders to urge them to consider this, according to Dowden.

    He continued, "This is a testimonial to her strong values and capacity to change people around her to create a better society. Her school no longer uses plastic glitter, confetti, or plastic art supplies.

    Additionally, Moksha has helped with educational sessions for underprivileged Indian students.

    Being given the Points of Light award makes me very delighted. I hope that both kids and grownups learn that taking care of the environment and the people in it, as well as making tiny adjustments to daily life, shouldn't be reserved for a select few. Like when we brush our teeth," said Moksha.

    "Just as we brush our teeth to take care of them and prevent suffering, we can also take care of the world to ensure our safety. To address major issues like climate change, pollution, poverty, and inequality, each and every one of us can take tiny steps in our own lives, at work, and in our communities," she added.

    Ragini G. Roy and Sourav Roy, Moksha's parents, stated their daughter's efforts demonstrate that even the youngest members of society can contribute to the fight against climate change.

    According to Downing Street, the Points of Light awards honour exceptional individuals whose contributions to their communities are having a positive impact and whose life stories can motivate others to find creative solutions to societal problems both within and outside of their own communities.