• South Korea to deliver Pizza through drone

    South Korea to deliver Pizza through drone

    Seoul: The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport announced that in collaboration with Korean drone company (P-Square) and Domino Pizzas, it would deliver Pizza through drones in Sejong city.

    Reportedly, the commercialization area of drone delivery is from the Dominos Pizza branch in Sejong Boram to Sejong Lake Park.

    Moreover, the drone delivery will be available on Saturdays and Sundays from August 21 to October 31 in Sejong city. The authority plans to deliver it two to three times per hour from 1 pm to 6 pm.

    The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport stated that it would guide the citizens who will visit Sejong Lake Park to experience the drone delivery service through the mobile app. The Ministry also announced that it would do the first commercialization through online live streaming.

    Customers who order Pizzas through drone delivery mode can track the drone's location via the mobile app on ordering in the official delivery app of Domino Pizza near Sejong Lake Park. Customer's after receiving the products, the password generated in the ordering process should be entered to prevent theft and loss.

    The report said the government is planning to expand the drone service in urban areas that are more suitable in the covid pandemic.