• Taliban 'shows off' its authority, parade with US army's humvees and tanks

    Taliban 'shows off' its authority, parade with US army's humvees and tanks

    Kabul: Taliban fighters carried out a parade by mounting over all Humvees and tanks, showcasing their haul from the US army.

    Dressed in US army’s clothes, holding US army’s weapons and machine guns, Afghanistan’s second biggest city, Kandahar, was crowded with Taliban militants atop trucks and tanks. Some militants drove the pick-up trucks and the multi-use trucks and many others atop these trucks to show of their clothes and weapons.

    All the trucks and tanks, however, had white and black coloured Taliban flags attacked to them to showcase that the group has managed to take control of these from the US army.

    One Black Helicopter was spotted hovering over as the parade moved on, suggesting that someone from the Afghan army has also been roped in to help the terrorist group as the Taliban lacks qualified pilots to fly a Black Hawk.

    Many in the parade hoped that Taliban’s Supreme Leaer, Hibatullah Akhundzada will make a public appearance after years of staying in hiding. Expectation rose after the group confirmed that the supreme leader was present in Kandahar and would soon be steeping into the public eye.

    However, Taliban militants and supporters were left disheartened as only the city’s new governor addressed the crowd.

    The Islamist hardliners, who have not yet announced their new government, are celebrating the US withdrawal as a historic victory after taking control of Afghanistan a fortnight ago.

    Their arrival in Kabul capped an astonishing two-week offensive across the country, ending their 20-year insurgency.