• Taliban kill a women police officer in front of kids and husband, mutilate her face: Reports


    Kabul: Banu Negar, a woman police officer, got allegedly killed by the Taliban militants in Firozkoh, the capital city of central Ghor province in Afghanistan. According to a report by BBC, family members of the officer identified her body and told that her face was "heavily disfigured" due to the Talibani assault.

    The killing of the officer is a mystery as of now as some reports suggest that she was killed in front of her kids and husband during the door-to-door execution, reported the Sun. The BBC report further said, “One report suggested Negar, who worked at the local prison, was eight months pregnant.” Reportedly, the accused were heard speaking Arabic.

    Graphic images of the deceased women officer suggest that her body was lying on a blood-stained carpet, and just below a pair of the blood-stained screwdriver was also found. The image was circulated virally on social media.

    The family said that the local Taliban had "promised to investigate" the incident.

    Since taking full control over Afghanistan, the Taliban have tried to portray itself as more tolerant and liberal than they are known. However, many incidents of brutality and repression have been reported in the country since the extremist group’s resurgence in Kabul.

    On Saturday, the Taliban broke up a women’s protest in Kabul. The protesters were demanding the continuation of civil rights for women. The protestors claimed that they were targeted by the Taliban, with tear gas and pepper spray as they tried to make their way towards the presidential palace.

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