• There are no rights for women, Taliban will kill us: Afghan Woman upon arrival in Delhi from Kabul


    Kabul: Taliban’s surprisingly rapid advancement in almost all provinces of Afghanistan has left the world in shock, with many international organizations calling for immediate intervention, or else the situation might get worse.

    A female evacuee upon arrival in Delhi pronounced shock at the Taliban’s aggressive onslaught and feared that her friends will be killed by the Taliban. A total of 129 passengers were on board the Delhi-bound Air India flight that took off from Kabul at the same time the Taliban entered Afghanistan’s capital city.

    With Ashraf Ghani stepping down as president of Afghanistan, the Taliban are now in control of the war-torn country. A three-member council has now been formed with former Afghan president Hamid Karzai as one of the members to oversee the transition of power to the Taliban.

    A woman from Kabul upon arrival at Delhi International Airport broke down and said, “I cannot believe that the world abandoned Afghanistan.”

    “Our friends are going to get killed. They (Taliban) are going to kill us. Our women are not going to have any more rights,” added the woman.

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