• Viral video: Pakistan Minister cuts ribbon with teeth, says scissor was blunt


    Pakistan: A Pakistan minister recently set social media abuzz with his unusual style of cutting the ribbon with his teeth during an electronic shop opening ceremony.

    Now, the viral video of the hilarious incident has taken the internet by storm, with many users poking fun at him.

    Minister for Prisons and spokesperson for the Government of Punjab, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan, was invited to cut the ribbon for an electric shop in his Rawalpindi constituency on Thursday, but, when he tried to cut the ribbon with scissors, it didn’t go as planned.

    So after attempting it a few times, he decided to cut the ribbon with his teeth, leaving the people chuckling.

    Sharing the video on his Twitter handle, he wrote, “Scissors were blunt and bad’, and that the owner set a new world record to save the shop from embarrassment.”

    Soon after the clip went viral, social media users posted funny reactions in the comment section.

    One user wrote, “Me opening Ketchup sachet with scissors right in front of me.”
    “Very sharp teeth faster than scissors.” said the other.

    Another user said, “I guess he is cutting the ribbon with his tongue because there is no difference between his tongue and scissor.”

    “Is there a shortage of scissors in PAK? The previous govt use million rupees on scissors to cut the ribbon, But the PTI govt cuts ribbon with their teeth to save money. They always call us illiterate & uneducated, see who’s illiterate & uneducated.” said the other netizen.

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