• WHO, UNICEF calls for 'humane airbridge' for aid supply to Afghanistan


    New Delhi: The World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) call for a humanitarian airbridge to aid Afghanistan.

    They have asked to set up an airbridge to enable the unhindered transportation of medications and additional aid stocks to Afghanistan.

    However, they appended that "with no commercial aircraft presently allowed to land in Kabul, we have no means to get supplies into the nation and to those in necessity." 

    They remarked that different philanthropic agencies encounter related difficulties in the transportation of supplies.

    Also, before the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, the agencies stated that the nation needed the world's third-largest philanthropic service, with more than 18 million people requiring aid.

    The organizations also stated that while the principal focus in recent days has been the discharge of immigrants and helpless Afghans, "the huge philan

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