• We have fulfilled all conditions to be a responsible government: Taliban on US sanctions


    Kabul: Taliban has urged the international community for their support for the removal of all the US sanctions on the new regime in Afghanistan.  

    This was stated by the Acting Foreign Minister of Taliban Amir Khan Muttaqi during a meeting mediated by the Qatari government in Doha on Wednesday.

    Muttaqi stated that the country has got a dominant government in 40 years and the global community should now call on the United States to remove all the sanctions on Afghan people’s wealth.

    He also said that the new Taliban government should be recognized by the international community because it has fulfilled all the conditions to be a responsible government.

    “Minister Muttaqi elaborated on the new Islamic government, ensuring security, ties with the international community, economic situation, sanctions imposed on Afghanistan, and elimination of corruption”, a spokesperson of the foreign ministry of Taliban stated.

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    During the meeting the envoys of the Qatari government on the other hand urged the Taliban counterpart to abide by the international rules, respect human rights, ensure safe passage from Afghanistan and also take steps to eradicate terrorism from its land.

    Earlier on the day, the Acting Foreign Minister also had a meeting with the Germany’s Ambassador-designate to Afghanistan, Markus Potzel.

    In a statement Potzel said they spoke about multiple issues starting from human rights to safety of women to freedom of movement in Afghanistan.

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