• Here's everything you need to know about Commonwealth Day 2022: its Theme and importance


    Commonwealth nations unilaterally reaffirm their commitment to peace, equity, and democracy on behalf of all Commonwealth members.

    Digital Desk: Every year, Commonwealth Day is observed worldwide on the second Monday of March. 

    However, Commonwealth Day, also known as Empire Day in India and a few other countries, is observed on May 24 to commemorate the establishment of the British Empire in India.

    The Commonwealth is an organization of 54 sovereign countries that work together to achieve common goals such as trade and economic development. Among the many goals of celebrating this day, some of the most important is to assist one another in developing education, health, sports, and environmental protection.

    Although Commonwealth countries are generally sovereign, the Queen of England is regarded as the ceremonial leader who presides over the Commonwealth nations.

    Read here about the Theme of this year's Commonwealth Day: 

    Commonwealth Day also known as Empire Day in India and a few other countries.

    Every year, representatives from Commonwealth countries choose a theme that the Queen of England has approved. The Commonwealth states' annual activities revolve around that chosen Theme. 

    The Commonwealth Day theme is 'Delivering a Common Future.' The Theme emphasizes the importance of innovating, connecting, and transforming to achieve common goals such as combating climate change, reducing global warming, and improving economic understanding among nations.

    Check the History and Importance of the Commonwealth Day :

    Empire Day was first observed following the death of Queen Victoria on January 22, 1901. On May 24, 1902, the first Empire Day was observed to commemorate Queen Victoria's birthday. 

    Empire Day was established as an annual event in 1916. According to Historic UK, an Empire Day celebration was mentioned in a New Zealand school journal in 1910.

    On Commonwealth Day, all Commonwealth nations unilaterally reaffirm their commitment to their members' peace, equity, and democracy. 

    In general, the day is observed to promote international solidarity and humanity and provide an opportunity for nations to discuss their problems, seek solutions, and support one another.

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