• The early morning tea- A great way to start the day

    The early morning tea- A great way to start the day

    Tea connoisseurs will swear by the health benefits of drinking this beverage early morning, strapped at the balcony, with the bright warm sun bidding you the morning kiss.

    Tea is one of the most popular beverages had around the world, and especially in India. For Indians, Tea is a part of every activity – from a gathering with friends to spend some alone time reading a book, or when you have a sore throat or are sick. However, for people who begin their day with a cup of tea, there are things they should know.

    To begin with, starters who have rapped up multiple google sites or infused with a long list of health benefits of drinking tea might stay clear of the difference between drinking tea in the morning with drinking tea as the first thing in the morning. While drinking tea with breakfast or after breakfast may be healthy, drinking tea the first thing in the morning may cause health issues.

    Study States that people who drink tea the first thing in the morning must keep in mind that their stomachs are on an acidic pH scale when they wake up. Tea is acidic, and when they drink tea on an empty stomach, it can cause acidity or heartburn. For the same reason, medical professionals advise against drinking tea before bed as well. This can lead to disturbance in metabolic activities of your body as well.

    In India, people mostly consume tea with milk, which can cause bloating and constipation. When the gut is empty, lactose content in the milk can affect the gut, and cause gas and constipation.

    But that doesn't mean you need to entirely skip off or forget about drinking tea in the morning. To avoid constipation or acidity, take tea with biscuits or fruits. But before that it would be better if you begin your day with a glass of warm water as it will help maintain the pH level of your body.