• "You are a woman, go home," Afghan Female TV Anchor denied entry in her office

    "You are a woman, go home," Afghan Female TV Anchor denied entry in her office

    Kabul: Women in Kabul have been protesting outside the presidential palace of Afghanistan since Wednesday, demanding protection of their rights after the Taliban took control of the country. Women in Afghanistan are now struggling to find their voice ever since the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani fled the country. The Taliban promised of giving the rights of Afghan women buy under the ambits of Sharia Law, the women have a completely different tale to narrate.

    An Afghan female anchor, Shabnam Dawran, who works for a TV station RTA Pashto, was denied entry into her office. Shabnam citing for the reason of denial to enter the office during her usual shift hours and was also carrying her ID badge. However, she was not allowed to enter the office premises. "I went to RTA but they told me that the regime has changed. you are not allowed, go home," she said in a video.

    Her video has revealed the truth behind the Taliban's lies of giving rights to women. The Taliban had claimed earlier that it will be giving more freedom to women in this new term of their rule in Afghanistan. It also claimed that it will allow women to step outside to go to the market without a male escort, go to work, study, or reveal their shoes this time.

    However, the women in the country have revealed a different reality of the same. Shabnam Dawran’s video shows that the reality of the Taliban is very different from what they are showing the world.