• ‘Light of Appreciation’: Colorado nurse makes Chandelier out of empty covid vaccine vials


    Colorado: In an attempt to bring light to a world of darkness during the pandemic, a Colorado nurse has transformed empty Covid-19 vaccine vials into a beautiful chandelier.

    Laura Weiss, a Boulder County Public Health Nurse, to pay gratitude towards all those who have been working day and night to keep people alive, has named the Chandelier as ‘Light of Appreciation.’

    While asked to help in the vaccination drive by the administration in February, Weiss, a retired nurse from public health, agreed to help in the vaccination drive. During the vaccination drive, she noticed that scores of empty vaccines vials were lying around. That time she thought of using them to create a work of art by the empty vials.

    “During the vaccination drive I notice that huge number of empty Moderna vaccine vials were lying around so I thought they were just really beautiful and wanted to do something significant and meaningful with them.” said Weiss.

    On Wednesday, the official Facebook page of Boulder County Public Health shared on Facebook the eye-catching photos of the gorgeous piece of art, appreciating Laure Weiss for her unique creation.

    The post was captioned: “One of our talented Public Health Nurses, Laura Weiss, created this gorgeous piece of art using empty COVID vaccine vials. Thank you so much for sharing this artwork with the community, Laura!”

    However, the Chandelier didn’t found a home yet.

    Weiss said that she wants everyone to see the piece and understand her intention behind this.

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