• “Act like you are crying”: YouTuber faces backlash after she forces her son to cry on camera

    “Act like you are crying”: YouTuber faces backlash after she forces her son to cry on camera

    California: A popular YouTuber from United States deleted her channel after accidentally posting an unedited video on her channel, in which she is seen forcing her 8 year-old-son to cry on camera.

    Identified as Jordan Cheyenne, the YouTuber posted a video on her YouTube channel last week wherein she was caught telling her son Christian “to act like you crying”.

    Jordan, mistakenly uploaded an unedited version of the video. In the now deleted clip titled 'We are heartbroken', she talked about how their puppy, Rosie, had been diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease. She disclosed this news to her son, Christian, who naturally instantly started crying. Trying to pacify him and calm him down, the mother asked her son to repeat some affirmations after her.

    Jordan uploaded the video on her channel without noticing that the footage was receiving massive backlash as she forgot to edit the video before uploading. The YouTuber was badly criticized for her behavior, following which she deleted her channel.

    Also, a report from Social Blade, which is a social media analytics site, confirmed that Cheyenne lost more than 1,000 subscribers on the very day after she posted the video. However, the original video was pulled down soon after negative comments started coming in. Many slammed her, while others called her disgusting.

    The YouTuber even posted an apology video saying, “Looking back on the video, I am so disgusted with myself. I want to thank those of you who called me out for it.”

    Jordan, in an interview with Today.com, said, "I want people to know that I've deleted my channel. People think I deactivated my channel, but I deleted it. I have no sponsors, no pay, no monetization. I've given up all of that to be behind the scenes and extremely present with my child and get us both into counselling."