• A surprise historical find: British-era tunnel connecting Delhi Assembly to Red Fort discovered, wil


    New Delhi: A secret tunnel that connects the Delhi Legislative Assembly to the Red fort was found at the premises of the Delhi Legislative Assembly on Thursday.

    Reportedly, the tunnel was used by the British to avoid retaliation while taking freedom fighters to court.

    Delhi Legislative Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel stated, “When I became an MLA in 1993, there was a buzz about a tunnel present here that connects Red Fort; I tried to search it for its history, but I didn’t find any clarity over it.”

    “Finally, today, we found the mouth of the tunnel; we are digging it further as all the tunnels have been destroyed due to the constructional works of metro projects and sewer installations.” Added Ram Niwas Goel.

    Stressing about the tunnel to open it for the public, Ram Niwaz Goel asserted government would complete the renovation work by August 15, 2022.

    Further, Ram Niwas Goel informed that the Delhi Legislative Assembly was used as the Central Legislative Assembly after it shifted the capital from Kolkata to Delhi in 1912. Moreover, the assembly was turned into a court in 1926, and Britishers used this tunnel to bring freedom fighters to the court.

    “As this place carries a rich history in the context of the freedom struggle. We will renovate it in a way that tourists can get the reflection of our rich Indian history,” said Ram Niwas Goel.

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