• CBI probe ordered into Arvind Kejriwal's residence renovation case

    CBI probe ordered into Arvind Kejriwal's residence renovation case

    The CBI has directed the Public Works Department under the Delhi government to hand over all documents by October 3.

    Digital Desk: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been accused of renovating his home, and the Union Home Ministry has directed the CBI to conduct an inquiry into the allegations. Following that, the investigation agency opened a preliminary inquiry (PE) into the case on Wednesday.

    The Delhi government's Public Works Department has been ordered by the CBI to hand over all paperwork by October 3.

    Following an inquiry by the Delhi Chief Secretary, the central investigation agency would look into every element of the suspected irregularities.

    Based on a five-page letter Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena sent to the CBI Director in May, the investigation has been ordered.

    The Home Ministry has also asked for a special audit by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) in this case.

    Arvind Kejriwal was accused by the BJP of spending close to Rs 45 crore on the "beautification" of his official residence in Delhi's Civil Lines, which sparked a scandal earlier this year. Following the claims, L-G Saxena gave the Chief Secretary instructions to gather and take all records about the alleged irregularities as well as to provide a report on the matter.

    The renovation had prima facia irregularities, according to the Chief Secretary's report, which also identified deviations/violations made by the Public Works Department.

    Saxena wrote to the CBI in May asking that an investigation be initiated based on this report.

    The claims state that Rs 11.30 crore was spent on interior decoration, Rs 6.02 crore on stone and marble flooring, Rs 1 crore on interior consulting, Rs 2.58 crore on electrical fittings and appliances, Rs 2.85 crore on fire fighting systems, Rs 1.41 crore on wardrobe and accessory fitting, and Rs 1.1 crore on kitchen appliances.

    Out of the sanctioned amount of Rs 9.99 crore, a separate sum of Rs 8.11 crore was spent on the chief minister's camp office.