• Chinese army plans to recruit Tibetans; seeks blessing from local monks

    Chinese army plans to recruit Tibetans; seeks blessing from local monks

    New Delhi: In a new series of conspiracy against India by its Chinese counterpart, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has attempted to recruit Tibetans and even asked locals monks to bless their manoeuvre, a report of Times Now quoted.

    China's first move to recruit Tibetans came to light after Times Now reported it on December 5, 2020.

    Reportedly, PLA has set up the Special Tibetan Army Units and is trying to recruit soldiers from the Western Tibet area.

    There were also Yuma units of Tibetan soldiers comprising retired PLA personnel guarding the Indo-Tibetan borders, Times Now quoted.

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    Moreover, China is also planning to deploy Yalmuk, the Tibetan ethnic militia in the high-altitude areas of the Indo-China border.

    Additionally, China deployed Mimang Cheton Militia in the Chumbi valley as they were familiar with the terrain.

    According to analysts, the main reason for recruiting Tibetans in the area is that they were used to the high altitude areas where the PLA soldiers from the eastern part of China, residing near the sea and low-altitude areas, cannot survive there.

    As per the report, during the Ladakh faceoff, many Chinese soldiers, posted in areas above 15,000 feet, have fallen ill with high altitude sickness. So, the only option left with China is to recruit Tibetans who have some link with the Dalai Lama and the government in exile.

    Notably, on August 30, sources said that over 100 troops of the PLA army entered into Indian territory in Uttarakhand's Barahoti and destroyed a bridge before retreating to China.

    Sources: Times Now