• Coronavirus Information: New Precaution for the Covid-19 Recovery Patients by Dentists

    Coronavirus Information: New Precaution for the Covid-19 Recovery Patients by Dentists

    New Delhi: The deadly Covid-19 cases are increasing rapidly spreading across the nation and it has become important to take extra precaution to stop the mass spread of the deadly disease. Especially, those who have recently recovered from the virus.  The Dentist from around the nation has added a new precaution for the Covid-19 recovery patients.    

    Dentists are of the view that a person who has recently recovered from Covid-19 should immediately change their toothbrush and tongue cleaner upon recovery. This will not only protect the person from chances of re-infection but can also save others who use the same washroom in the house.

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    “If you or anyone in your family and friend circle have contracted Covid-19, once recovered, please ensure to change your toothbrush, tongue cleaner etc. These can harbour the virus, and it is best they are discarded," explained Dr Pravesh Mehra, HOD Dental Surgery, Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi.

    Another, Doctor of Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital, Dr Bhumika Madan said the same, “We are advising the same to Covid-19 patients too. If you have contracted Covid-19, you should change your toothbrush and tongue cleaner after 20 days of getting the first symptoms."

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    Madan further added “The doctor explained that bacteria/virus builds up over time on the surface of the toothbrush and this is known to cause upper respiratory tract infections.”

    "As a preventive measure we prescribe using mouthwash and betadine gargle that helps in reducing build-up of virus/bacteria in the mouth. If a mouthwash is not available, rinsing the mouth with warm saline water also works fine. Apart from this, one must maintain oral hygiene and brush twice a day," Madan stated.

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    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the virus primarily spreads through tiny droplets that come out from an infected person's mouth when they cough, sneeze, shout, talk and laugh.

    The virus has also been found to be airborne. This means once released from an infected person, it can stay in the air for some time and get transmitted.

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    As a result, the toothbrush and tongue cleaner of an infected person is likely to have a significant concentration of the virus.