• Dog eats stillborn baby outside Madhya Pradesh hospital


    Bhopal: A dog was found carrying a stillborn baby outside a district hospital in Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh. This shocking incident created a sensation among the public in the area.

    The hospital has ordered an inquiry into the shocking incident. The dog was spotted with the body of the stillborn baby by a sanitation worker.

    DK Bhargava, Civil Surgeon at the Ashoknagar hospital, said, "We got the news in the morning. We have now stored the body securely in the post-mortem space. We have further notified the police regarding the incident. In earlier cases, we have seen that family members do not suitably bury newborns' dead bodies. They throw away the body in haste."

    This is the second time that such an incident has taken place outside the district hospital. A similar incident took place last year in August.

    However, as per locals, this is the fourth incident in the last two years.

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    Sources also stated that the district hospital lacks proper healthcare facilities. There are 24 approved doctors in the hospital for the treatment of the patients. Moreover, 20 seats for doctors are still vacant. The hospital has a sanction for 49 ward boys and professionals. But presently, 31 of these posts are unoccupied.

    The condition is almost similar at other medical colleges and governments in the state. A total of 856 posts are resting vacant in 13 medical colleges across the state.

    There are barely 4,815 doctors at state hospitals, notwithstanding a total vacancy of 8,904. There is additionally a lack of 16,000 nursing staff.

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