• Greater Chennai Corporation to set up Covid memorial park in Chennai

    Greater Chennai Corporation to set up Covid memorial park in Chennai

    Chennai: The Greater Chennai Corporation is building a memorial park to remember those who died due to the pandemic. The park will be set up in Chennai.

    The recommended park is supposed to develop under the Mint flyover in the city's heart. The public organisation is preparing to employ the 3-acre property below the flyover.

    The land for the weekly supermarket was fixed aside by the former government, which intended to sell products at subsidised rates.

    According to government data, Tamil Nadu has recorded 25.3 lakh cases in which 24.7 lakh recovered while 33,652 died.

    An assigned location will be designed for all the deceased. It will also provide a unique number along with it. The number will be given to the families. In summation, samplings will be given from the government plantations.

    The families of the departed souls will be invited to plant the seedlings. Every family will be designated a special event and will be provided to plant in their assigned area. The site would be held by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC).

    Additionally, the park will contain a playing area for Children, walkways, accommodation areas, and fields.

    Gagan Singh Bedi, Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation, said IANS, "This is a tribute to those who have passed away due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we will hold their memory alive in this manner.