• IAF officer rape Case: How the IAF outlawed the Judiciary by Conducting a 'Banned test' on its woman

    IAF officer rape Case: How the IAF outlawed the Judiciary by Conducting a 'Banned test' on its woman

    A woman Indian Airforce officer, in an FIR registered on September 20, alleged that a Flight Lieutenant had overstepped into her room and raped her under the impact of an intoxicant on September 10th.

    The air force officer was arrested by an all-women team of Tamil Nadu Police on September 26, after the woman complained. The denounced, who hails from Chhattisgarh’s Durg district, inflicted the crime when he was at the training academy to take part in an induction program.

    She also purported that her Commandant and senior officers pestered her to withdraw her complaint and that she was put through the 'banned two-finger test' at the Air Force Hospital.

    Meanwhile, the National Commission for Women condemned the IAF for conducting the
    'banned and intrusive two-finger test' on the woman officer.

    The reports of these kinds of tests are usually provided by the doctors to the lawyers who use them as evidence to defend their clients. The process as a whole is oppressive for the woman and is ethically wrong . The said procedure also has no scientific background and also has been completely eliminated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India, in its guidelines and instructions for the victims of sexual violence. The reasons given by them for dumping this process are:

    Vaginal introitus has no bearing in the cases of sexual violence;
    The status/size of the hymen is of no proof as the hymen can be torn due to various reasons such as cycling, riding, etc;
    An unbroken hymen does not rule out the probability of sexual violence and a torn hymen does not prove the sexual intercourse.

    Now the question arises how the IAF authorities outlawed the judiciary by conducting a 'banned test' on its woman officer!?

    NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma in her letter impelled the IAF Chief to “take necessary
    action” and ensure that IAF medical team is aware of the Government guidelines.

    The officer arrested over allegations of rape has been handed over to the IAF authorities.