• In Spotlight: Twitter India’s Grievance Officer quits

    In Spotlight: Twitter India’s Grievance Officer quits

    New Delhi: Twitter India’s new interim grievance redressel officer, who had been recently appointed less than a month ago, to follow India’s new IT rules pertaining to social networking websites, resigned amid the company’s bitter feud with the government.

    Twitter has been at loggerheads with the Central Government of India over issues ranging from requests to take down tweets supporting the farmers’ protest, discrediting posts by leaders of the BJP and more recently new regulation.

    The new rules for social networking websites – which include appointing India-based compliance executives and other conditions – have led to a protracted feud, raising concerns that twitter may no longer enjoy protection against user-generated content.

    On May 31, Twitter told the Delhi High Court that it was appointing Dharmendra Chatur, partner at a law firm that represented Twitter as its interim grievance redressal officer. However, the government said it could not accept the appointment of outsiders to statutory posts.