• India to introduce a bill banning cryptocurrency

    India to introduce a bill banning cryptocurrency

    New Delhi: The Indian government is planning to soon introduce a bill banning cryptocurrencies.  The new bill proposes to criminalize trading, holding and mining cryptocurrencies. The proposed bill will affect cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and also other crypto money investors.

    If the new bill is passed into law then it would make India the first major economy to criminalize holding cryptocurrency.

    A major government official stated that the government plans to ban private crypto-assets while promoting blockchain technology which forms the backbone for virtual currencies.

    On the other hand, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman clarified that there will not be a complete ban on cryptocurrency and that the central government is not shutting all windows for cryptocurrencies, or blockchain and fintech as of yet.

    The uncertainty regarding cryptocurrency still continues even as 7 million Indians have invested more than $ 1 million in cryptocurrency.  

    The government official has however reassured that these investors will be provided with a window of six months to liquidate their assets before a penalty is levied on them.

    Earlier in 2018, the Central Bank of India has asked banks and other entities regulated by the RBI to not deal with virtual currencies through a circular. The RBI has reiterated its stance and has conveyed to the government its decision to seek a ban on such currencies.