• Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa Holds Suspense On Exit Buzz ahead of his Two Years in power today

    Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa Holds Suspense On Exit Buzz ahead of his Two Years in power today

    Bengaluru: Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa made a sudden visit to Delhi earlier this month where he met PM Modi and other political leaders. After the visit, it was reported that the CM would resign on health grounds. Yediyurappa on Sunday dropped one more hint that his hold on power was no longer guaranteed and he may resign on Monday when he completes two years as the Chief Minister, sources.

    "Nothing has come till now… In the morning there is a program to mark two years of government. I will speak about the achievements in those two years. After that, you will know the progress," he said on Sunday evening. "I have decided that I will work till the very last minute. I already said two months ago that I was ready to resign whenever I was asked to. I will say it again - until now I have got no message from the center. As soon as it comes, if they ask me to continue I will. If not, I will resign and work for that party.” "I believe the information will come tonight or tomorrow morning," Mr. Yediyurappa added.

    "If the message comes by evening, I will let you know immediately," the Chief Minister said when asked about the matter. Some leaders close to the Chief Minister are camping in Delhi to try to buy time for Mr. Yediyurappa, but he is unlikely to get more time from the leadership, sources have said.

    Mr. Yediyurappa today left Bengaluru to fly to Belagavi, one of the flood-affected districts in the state. Reports say that already 10 people are dead due to the torrential rain over the last few days in several districts of the state. Thousands were evacuated after their homes were flooded and boats have been used by the NDRF team and other disaster management agencies to rescue more people who are in need. Heavy rain will continue in some areas until July 28.