• Karnataka: Madrassa teacher found guilty of sodomizing 13 year old boy, awarded 11 years of imprison

    Karnataka: Madrassa teacher found guilty of sodomizing 13 year old boy, awarded 11 years of imprison

    Bengaluru: A court in Karnataka awarded a 42-year-old Madrassa teacher to 11 years of rigorous imprisonment after finding him guilty of sodomizing a minor boy. Six years ago, the incident took place wherein the Madrassa Teacher took the boy to a hotel and sexually assaulted the minor.

    The 42-year-old Mufti Musharaf is a resident of Uttar Pradesh and had served as a madrassa near Amalapur in Karnataka's Tumakuru.

    Musharaf sexually abused a minor boy who was enrolled under the madrassa on April 17, 2015. Afterward, a case was filed under sections 377 (unnatural sex) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC, and Musharaf was caught.

    Magistrate N Krishanaiah of the court ordered the district legal service authority to compensate the minor with Rs 5 lakh. 

    About eleven eyewitnesses gave their explanations throughout the hearing in the court. As per the reports, the records of the minor boy and his mother explained crucial in establishing the madrassa teacher wrong, public prosecutor GV Gayathri stated.

    On the day of the incident, Musharaf directed the minor boy to come along to book a ticket o UP. Later, he urged the boy to follow him to Tumakuru railway station, stating that he would require help in speech adaptation as he didn't understand Kannada. 

    After appearing at the railway station, Musharaf said the minor that his vehicle had gone out of fuel and would have to wait in a nearby hotel.

    As per the hotel's register, he Musharaf had written his name and that of the boy. Then, following acting the crime, Musharaf got the boy on his bike the next day and left him back at the madrassa. Then, he returned to the hotel and vacated the room alone.

    It was further asserted that following the police complaint was filed, the minor boy and the madrassa teacher underwent medical examinations. The medical records proved the child was sodomized.

    The court sentenced Musharaf to the crime and condemned him to 11 years' severe confinement. A penalty of Rs 30,000 was further imposed on the criminal.