• Owner books entire business class cabin of an aircraft for his dog to travel in luxury


    MUMBAI: A dog recently took a luxury flight as his owner booked the entire business class cabin of the Air India flight AI-671, reported a leading national daily.

    Though fare for a business class seat in a Mumbai to Chennai A320 aircraft is around Rs 20,000, the owner reportedly spent over Rs 2.5 lakh for the two-hour-long flight for his dog to travel in luxury.

    There are instances when dogs have traveled in business class of an Air India flight, but it is probably the first time that the entire business class cabin was reportedly booked for a pet.

    Air India is the only airline in India that allows pets in the passenger cabin.

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    However, only two pets are allowed to travel on a flight and it is mandatory for them to seat in the last row of the booked class.

    It needs to mention here that as many as 2,000 pets flew on Air India’s domestic flights between June and September last year.

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