• Price Hike and social humor: Tomatoes are new 'petrol'


    Guwahati: The price hike in almost every commodity in India has drilled holes into pockets of commoners in everyday life. If you look around, there are hardly any commodities left without a price hike in the market.

    Lately, netizens in India have been disturbed by the unexpected and notable spike in the costs of different vegetables. The city of Chennai is the hardest hit by the shortfall, with the vegetable fetching a kilo price of Rs. 140.

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    Tomatoes are now the new petrol in India. Tomatoes in Kerala cost around RS. 90 to 120 per kilo, while buyers in Delhi must spend Rs. 90 to 108 for a kilo of tomatoes.

    Retail tomato prices started to increase at the beginning of October and have continued to be high throughout November. 

    As a result, the hashtag #tomato has been displayed very trendily on social media platforms. Memes makers are overriding these platforms with humourous outputs.

    Have a look into some of the trending memes on price hikes and count your best social humor.

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