• Rats shred ailing Vendor money worth Rs 2 lakh

    Rats shred ailing Vendor money worth Rs 2 lakh

    Telangana: In a strange incident, money worth Rs. 2 lakh has been chewed by rats which were saved by a vegetable vendor for his abdominal surgery.

    Redya Naik a resident of Mahabubabad district, Telangana who earned his livelihood by selling vegetables in his two-wheeler claimed that rats chewed his hard-earned money of Rs. 2 lakh which he had kept in a wooden cupboard for his abdominal operation. Moreover, Naik said that some of the money he had also borrowed from his relatives for the operation.

    Naik said to TOI, “It was all my savings after selling vegetables. I had tucked the cash in a cotton bag. When I opened the bag, I was shocked to see that all the Rs 500 currency notes were damaged by rats.”

    Naik to exchange his shredded notes knock at the doors of several banks in Mahabubabad but all of them refuse to accept the cash as these are of no use according to the banks.

    Now, the ailing vendor seeks help from the state government for his treatment.