• Madhya Pradesh: Recently born, 3 out of 4 cheetah cubs died at Kuno National Park

    Madhya Pradesh: Recently born, 3 out of 4 cheetah cubs died at Kuno National Park
    A female cheetah named 'Jwala' gave birth to four cheetah cubs in the national park in March...

    Digital Desk: In a fresh development case, it's been reported that today, two more cheetah cubs died in Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park owing to "extreme weather conditions and dehydration." Three of four freshly born cheetah cubs have died in the last two days, according to officials.

    A female cheetah named 'Jwala' gave birth to four cheetah pups in the national park in March. A two-month-old cub died on Tuesday owing to "immense weakness," according to officials.

    The temperature reached around 46-47 degrees Celsius on May 23, making it the hottest day in the region. On Tuesday, a crew discovered the cubs in a dehydrated and fragile state. The crew notified vets, who provided critical medical attention to the rescued pups who were underweight, but two more cheetah cubs died today, according to officials.

    The fourth cub has been transferred to a hospital in Palpur, and officials are in contact with experts from Namibia and South Africa for further treatment, according to officials.

    Last week, the Supreme Court voiced alarm about the deaths of three cheetahs in less than two months. The court suggested that the cheetahs, which were relocated from South Africa and Namibia to Madhya Pradesh, be relocated to adjoining Rajasthan.

    "Three deaths in less than two months is cause for grave concern." There are expert viewpoints and media articles. The Supreme Court stated, "It appears that Kuno is insufficient for so many cheetahs."

    "There is an excessive focus on cheetahs in one location." Why not explore for a suitable location in Rajasthan? "Just because Rajasthan is ruled by an opposition party does not preclude you from considering it," the judgement stated.

    Sasha, a female Cheetah, died on March 27 due to kidney disease, Uday died on April 23 due to cardio-pulmonary failure, and Daksha, another female Cheetah, died on May 9 after a violent confrontation with a male during a mating attempt.

    Experts have warned about increased mortality in Kuno National Park and have advised that at least two or three cheetah habitats be secured.

    "The reintroduction project is going to see even higher mortalities in the next few months," predicted South African wildlife specialist Vincent van der Merwe. "Cheetahs try to establish territories and come face to face with leopards and tigers in the Kuno National Park."

    No successful reintroduction into an unfenced reserve has ever been documented in history. In South Africa, it has been tried 15 times, but each time it has failed, the expert said.