• Separate room allotted for Namaz reading in Jharkhand Assembly, BJP demands 5-room set to read Hanum


    Ranchi: A separate room reserved to offer prayer in the new assembly building of Jharkhand has sparked controversy among the political groups.

    Jharkhand Legislative Assembly Secretariat on September 2 stated, “Room number TW 348, in the new assembly building of Jharkhand, has been allotted to offer Namaz.”

    Protesting against the decision, BJP said for Hindu also separate room should be allotted in the state assembly to recite Hanuman Chalisa.

    A BJP leader said, “If for Muslims room is allotted for namaz, then why can’t Hindu be allowed to recite Hanuman Chalisa in a separate room. I appeal the secretary of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly Secretariat to allot five rooms or a hall to Hindus to recite Hanuman Chalisa.”

    Moreover, giving the same statement about the former allotment speaker, CP Singh said, “Temple should be built at the Assembly premises.”

    “I not against building namaz room, but a Hanuman temple should be built at the premises of Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha. If it allows, we will build it with our own cost.”

    Expressing concern about the issue, BJP leader Babu Lal Marandi stated, “Temple of democracy should remain as it is only, it shouldn’t turn into another thing.”

    “We are against the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly Secretariat decision of allotment of a separate room for Namaz.” Said Marandi.

    In 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new building of the Jharkhand Assembly at Kute gram.

    The three-storey Jharkhand assembly building was constructed at Rs 465 crore, is dubbed as the first paperless assembly in the country.

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