• TMC attacks PM Modi for saying Matangini Hazra was from Assam, says 'Insulted All Of Bengal'

    TMC attacks PM Modi for saying Matangini Hazra was from Assam, says 'Insulted All Of Bengal'

    Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday for saying Matangini Hazra was from Assam. 

    “Matangini Hazra from Assam? Are you mad? You don't know the past. You have no compassion. You read a composed speech (that too by others) with intensity. This is an insult to Bengal. You should beg explanation," Kuman Ghosh, TMC general secretary Kunal Ghosh stated in a tweet.

    TMC alleged that India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an insufficient understanding of history. They have demanded an apology from him for mistakenly stating that freedom fighter Matangini Hazra hailed from Assam.

    The BJP stated that the TMC was needlessly building a debate over the blunder created during the Prime Minister's Independence Day address. 

    West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had likewise held several faux pas in her talks in the past.

    TMC general secretary Kunal Ghosh stated that the Prime Minister has limited understanding of history and read a printed document in an "exciting form".

    The Trinamool Congress chief asked for a reply from the Leader of Opposition in the West Bengal Assembly. 

    The TMC tweeted on its official website, "Matangini Hazra is a freedom fighter from Bengal, Mr. @narendramodi!"

    Responding to the debate, Suvendu Adhikari tweeted, "TMC is no one to guide history or geography to anyone".

    Discoursing on the matter, state BJP leader Dilip Ghosh stated, "It was a trivial error on the Prime Minister's role. The TMC intentionally highlights it while attempting to overlook different elements of his talk where he talked concerning various schemes launched by the Centre."

    BJP state vice-president Jay Prakash Majumdar said, "It was a slip of the tongue. What about the series of blunders made by the chief minister on our freedom fighters and history? Did she ever apologize for those blunders?"

    Senior Congress leader Pradip Bhattacharya said, "It was a severe error by the PM explaining his uncertainty regarding Bengal's history and its enrichment to the freedom struggle."

    Hazra is a well-known personality across West Bengal. There is an image of her in the Maidan space in the middle of Kolkata.