• Tribal farmers are brainless, have no land records: Online IAS coaching faculty stirs controversy


    New Delhi: After the serious goof up video of Assam's 'gamosa' being identified as an animal, by an online coaching faculty, another controversy has erupted pertaining to the tribal farmers of India.

    In the latest video that was being shared on Twitter, one can see Siddharth Singh, a faculty, in his lecture called “Mission IAS 2021 | Geography by Siddharth Sir | Biomes” talking about Jhum cultivation. He uses extremely racist language against Northeast tribal farmers.

    “The Jhum cultivation practice is often followed by tribal people. They often don’t have brains and nor have any official land documents…” the teacher was heard explaining in Hindi.

    This extremely racist comments by a faculty that is coaching and training students for competitive examinations have invited a barrage of comments, mostly slamming the faculty's use of words and the ideas he is providing about the tribal people to the students.

    A woman from Arunachal Pradesh, Heenu, who took note of the video and posted about the same on Twitter, said: “Calling out @unacademy and Siddharth Arora (later identified as Siddharth Singh) for an unconditional apology for him on his unacceptable derogatory remark on Tribals. Seeking for a public apology ASAP.”

    “Tell him to bring in some knowledge about the country and then make IAS. How easily the so-called educated educator gave that remark that too on an online learning platform and on YouTube and Unacademy publishing it. Don’t you say you are the ‘biggest’ learning platform,” tweeted Sunny Bori, another Twitter user.

    This is not the first time that an online learning platform has courted controversy on topics related to the Northeast region. Last month, learning platform ‘Gradeup’ published a video that mentioned Assam’s ‘gamusa’ as an animal. The platform later expressed regret.

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