• Twitter appoints Vinay Prakash as resident grievance officer for India


    New Delhi: Social media platform Twitter, which is currently included in a draw with the Centre over the new IT rules, has named Vinay Prakash as the resident grievance officer for India. 

    As per Twitter's website, users can contact Prakash at 'grievance-officer-in @ twitter.com.'

    His appointment appears merely three days following the Delhi high court on July 8 had hit out at Twitter for a delay in designating the resident grievance officer.

    The US-based technological firm sought eight weeks to delegate perpetual grievance officers, including setting up a liaison office in India, which the court rejected.

    Twitter had earlier selected Dharmendra Chatur as its interim resident grievance officer for India. Nevertheless, Chatur resigned from the appointment in June.

    "Twitter can be contacted in India at the following address: 4th Floor, The Estate, 121 Dickenson Road, Bangalore 560 042," the page stated.

    The current IT rules, which evolved into force on May 26, among different significant conditions, mandate the appointment of three key personnel - chief compliance officer, nodal officer, and grievance officer by social media platforms with more than five million users. All these three officers have to be citizens in India.

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