• Union Government: Airlines can operate with a maximum of 72.5% pre-Covid domestic flights


    Delhi: Airlines can operate now with a maximum of 72.5%, which was earlier 65% because of Covid-19 protocols. Since July 5, flights have been in operation with 65% of their pre-COVID-19 domestic flights.

    The Ministry of Civil Aviation stated on Thursday, that airlines can now operate a maximum of 72.5% of their pre-COVID-19 domestic flights instead of 65%.

    The ministry earlier stated that between June 1 and July 5, the capacity of the airline was at 50%. A new guideline for the resumption of the flights was issued on Thursday by the ministry.

    Last year, when the government had resumed the scheduled domestic flights on May 25, after a two-month break, the ministry had allowed not more than 33% of their pre-COVID-19 domestic services. The capacity gradually increased to 80% by December. It remained in place till June 1.

    The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) asked airlines to ensure that the airfares on metasearch engine websites are not higher than the ones displayed on the carriers' websites.

    Since March 23, International passenger flights have been suspended in India due to the Covid-19 but, limited special international passenger flights have been operating since July 2020 under air bubble arrangements between India and various other countries.

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