• Uttar Pradesh: On camera, 20 year old Dalit man’s hair pulled, beaten, kicked on his private parts


    Lucknow: A 20 year old Dalit man was beaten black and blue with sticks in full public view by a group of people in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Dehat district. The set of disturbing visuals show a group of men reigning blows on the man as they continued to pull his hair, kick on his private parts. One arrest has been made in this case while police teams have been formed to find the other culprits, said a police official.

    The incident, which took place two days ago, is from Akbarpur area in Kanpur Dehat.

    As the group of men continues to beat the man, one of the attackers asked the man his caste. Upon learning the man belonged to a particular community, the blows get more violent and more insistent. The listless youth cries out in pain but makes all the beating with almost zero resistance.

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