• Victim of terrorism: J&K Govt teacher sacked, given no reasons for termination


    Jammu and Kashmir: Razia Sultana, twenty years after the government-appointed her as a teacher on compassionate grounds but, following the killing of her father by unknown terrorists, Razia Sultana has been sacked by the Jammu and Kashmir administration. The headteacher of Middle School Khiram in Anantnag district received an order of her dismissal. No reason has been given for her sacking by the government. Ms. Sultana has been sacked without an inquiry or a chance to explain her position.

    "I am surprised, rather shocked, to know about termination of my services. I strongly object to the accusations which are baseless and imaginary. I have never been involved in any undesirable and unlawful activity. I request the state government to provide me details as I know nothing about my case," said Razia Sultana.

    Her father Mohammad Sultan Bhat, a member of Jamaat Islami was kidnapped and subsequently killed by unknown terrorists in 1996. Mr. Bhat had contested 1987 elections as a candidate of the Muslim United Front or MUF. In 2000, she got her job on compassionate grounds after due process of the police and security verification followed in such appointments.

    On Friday, the government order said, "Lt Governor is satisfied under sub-clause (c) of the proviso to Clause (2) of Article 311 of the constitution of India that in the interest of the security of the state, it's not expedient to hold an inquiry in case of Ms. Razyah Sultan headteacher in government Middle School Khiram, Anantnag". "Accordingly, the Lieutenant Governor hereby dismisses Ms. Razyah Sultan from service with immediate effect," said the order.

    Ms. Sultana is among 11 government employees who have been fired. Since April this year, the Union Territory administration has sacked 18 government employees using Article 311 of the constitution where no inquiry is required. Ms. Sultana is the only woman employee who was sacked.

    "I want to know what is my crime. I request Lt Governor provide me with basic details on what is my fault. Why I have been sacked," said Ms. Sultana.


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