• 'Why he cannot find a day to visit Manipur': Jairam Ramesh takes a dig at PM Modi

    'Why he cannot find a day to visit Manipur': Jairam Ramesh takes a dig at PM Modi
    Manipur has been witnessing violence since May 3, following the protests by the Kuki and Meitei communities...

    Digital Desk: Jairam Ramesh, the Congress General Secretary in Charge of Communications, slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday over the violence in Manipur, saying it is just incomprehensible why he can't find a day to visit Manipur.
    "The Prime Minister is roaming around different states, leaving behind his trademark trail of lies, abuses, and insults. Why he cannot find a day to visit Manipur is simply beyond any understanding," he said in a post on X.

    This occurred when a video of two young people's dead bodies in Manipur went viral. He continued to criticise PM Modi for the recent internet shutdown, adding, "Internet services in Manipur have once again been suspended for five days. A horrifying video has surfaced, completely disproving any pretence of normalcy. However, the PM is unmoved or unconcerned about Manipur in any way. He has simply abandoned the locals."

    Additionally, he claimed, "The PM is only concerned about retaining power at all costs; nothing else matters to him." The Manipur government on Tuesday reimposed the ban on internet services for the next five days.

    According to an official notification released by the Manipur Home Department, the State Government has decided to suspend or restrict mobile internet data services and internet/data services through VPN in the Manipur state's territorial jurisdiction for 5 (five) days with immediate effect until 7:45 PM on 01-10-2023.

    Since May 3, there has been violence in Manipur as a result of protests by the Kuki and Meitei tribes over the High Court's judgement requesting that the state government consider adding the Meitei people to the list of Scheduled Tribes (ST). Only STs can buy land in hilly areas.

    In order to purchase land in the valley areas, the majority Meitei group, which lives in the Imphal Valley and the surrounding areas, sought ST status in consideration of their growing population and greater need for land.