• Bhalswa Landfill Updates: Fume emission continues from the fire in Bhalswa dump yard for the 4th straight day


    The firefighters battling the wildfire in Bhalswa Landfill are having trouble breathing.

    Digital Desk: On Friday, smoke continues to bulge from the Bhalswa landfill site in north Delhi as the fire spreads for the fourth day in a row. The firefighters who are battling the wildfire are having trouble breathing. A big fire broke out on Tuesday evening at the Bhalswa garbage site. 

    Meanwhile, a confrontation between Delhi police and criminals occurred in the national capital's CR park in another episode. One criminal was hurt in the incident.

    Several videos were circulated where the fire was seen blowing out strong clouds of smoke and turning the sky grayish. According to Delhi Fire Service authorities, the fire was noticed at 5.00 p.m. on Tuesday, which eventually expanded into a major fire.

    A fire official stated that "At the moment, four fire crews are on the scene. The fire will take at least another day to put out. Our teams are working round the clock to put it out." 

    The official further said, "Residents have begun to complain of sore throats, itchy eyes, and breathing difficulties."

    The exact cause of the fire is yet unknown. On Thursday, the Delhi government imposed a fine of ₹50 lakh on the North Delhi Municipal Corporation in connection with the massive fire that broke out at the Bhalswa landfill site on Tuesday.

    Regarding the landfill fire, another fire brigade official stated that rising temperatures lead to constructing the "extremely flammable" methane gas at dumping yards.

    Delhi Environment Minister, Gopal Rai, blamed "corruption" in the municipal corporation for the city's numerous landfill fires, claiming that the BJP-controlled civic bodies should have used bulldozers to clear the mounds of waste.

    Three fires have been reported at the Ghazipur dumpsite in east Delhi this year, including one on March 28 that was extinguished after more than 50 hours.

    On May 2, a four-member team from the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) and the East and North MCD will travel to Mumbai to investigate the city's gas sucking mechanism for regulating the continually generated methane gas at the Bhalswa dump.

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