• Over 79,000 calls are received by the Elderly Helpline seeking support

    Over 79,000 calls are received by the Elderly Helpline seeking support

    Digital Desk: According to official data, the national helpline for the aged has received over 79,000 calls since October of last year, including requests about pensions, Covid support, and abuse.

    However, 4,28,442 of the 5,07,493 calls received by the helpline since October 1 last year were 'non serviceable calls,' accounting for 84 percent of all calls.

    Call drops, nuisance calls, calls for non-elderly services, and calls with out of scope requests are examples of non-serviceable calls.

    According to official data, the helpline received 79,051 serviceable calls over the time on matters such as pensions (22,430 calls), Covid support (6,406), abuse (4,748), old age homes (2040), emotional support (1,856), and maintenance (1,326).

    Men (44,348) have made more calls to the toll-free number 14567 than women (18,363).

    The helpline was established to address the needs of senior citizens, particularly in light of the epidemic.About 5,959 calls led to field interventions like rescue of a homeless elderly and care for an abused elderly.

    Uttar Pradesh received the most calls, with 96,764 received, followed by Maharashtra with 40,239, Rajasthan with 30,219, Karnataka with 29,953, Madhya Pradesh with 26,689, and Uttarakhand with 23,685.

    According to a senior official, the helpline is still receiving calls from numerous states, and the number of calls is expected to rise soon.

    According to the official, calls for mental support are sent to mental health specialists with geriatric treatment and counselling experience. Additionally, the type of calls received might assist police in determining which locations to focus on.