• e-Rupi: PM Modi Launches Digital Payment Solution in India

    e-Rupi: PM Modi Launches Digital Payment Solution in India

    To make a hassle-free life and stop leakages in the government system, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduces e-RUPI, a cashless mode of transaction enabling contactless digital payments. This mechanism aids to stop leakages in government welfare schemes, ensuring benefits for the needful.

    It won’t be misused, as would be transferred on mobile phones of beneficiaries in the form of a message or QR code. Earlier Modi tweeted that some of the benefits of the new digital payment solution in e-RUPI will connect service sponsors and beneficiaries digitally. This new system can be helpful for the private sector as they can also leverage the new system for employee welfare and corporate social responsibility programs. The new digital solution e-RUPI expects to be a revolutionary initiative of ensuring a leak-proof delivery of welfare services, says Modi.

    A person will not require a card or digital payment app, internet banking access to redeem the e-voucher when availing of service. For example, You bought a product and received a voucher on the purchase. With e-RUPI, you do not need to carry the vouchers in physical form. The voucher is sent directly to the mobile phone in the form of a QR code or as an SMS. The digital solution is safe as it ensures payment only after the transaction is complete.

    The digital solution e-RUPI is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India in collaboration with other government departments.