• "Ratsodent": Teen dies after brushing teeth with rat killer

    "Ratsodent": Teen dies after brushing teeth with rat killer

    Mumbai: A teen from Dharavi, Mumbai, died two days after she brushed her teeth with rat killer mistaking it for a toothpaste. The poison had already spread throughout her body by the time she was rushed to the hospital.

    The deceased, identified as Apsana Khan (18) woke up on Friday morning, still drowsy when she accidently picked up the rat killer instead of the toothpaste and applied on her brush. Within seconds the girl realized something was amiss and spit out the paste after brushing her teeth. She rinsed her mouth and went about with her usual routine, but after sometime she felt dizzy and fell unconscious.

    Speaking to a national daily, the girl’s mother said that she took Apsana to a doctor when she complained of stomach ache. The doctor prescribed some medicines but it didn’t help.

     Scared that her mother would scold her, she hadn’t told her about the rat poison earlier. When she finally did, Shahjahan took her to Sion hospital where her ECG and sonography were done and the reports came back normal. “I then took her to a private hospital, but thinking the medical bill would be too high, I went to JJ hospital.” After battling for life for two days, she passed away on Sunday evening.