• 56 Year Old Recovers From COVID after being on Ventilator Support For Over 100 Days


    Chennai: A Covid patient in Chennai recovers after being on ventilator support for as many as 109 Days.

    His lungs were fully damaged and was on artificial lungs support for 62 days. He is being said to be the longest surviving patient on ECMO without transplantation.

    He was admitted to Chennai’s Rela hospital and his lungs were totally damaged after he was admitted to the hospital in Mid-April. He was out on ECMO and he was requiring around 10 litres of oxygen per minute.

    He was wait listed for lung transplant after four weeks but could not get the organ as the second wave peaked at that time in the country.

    Still on his wheelchair, as he prepared to leave the hospital after being on ventilator for 109 days, a jubilant Mohamed told NDTV, "It's my second birth. Whatever they (doctors) asked me to do I did.I had put all my efforts in God's hands."

    “I was mostly unconscious. My wife took care of everything. But I'm a sportsman and that kept me strong. Now I will get back to my business activity and take care of my family and relatives", he said

    His daughter got emotional and said she even built a gym at their home so that her father could work out. ECMO costs around 40 lakh a month. She added, "Everyone can't afford this. Even we found it difficult but we had to do this for our father. We thank all our doctors,” she said.

    According to the doctors he showed tremendous courage and had massive will power and strength.

    The man is a businessman and his wife is a lawyer of the Supreme court.

    (With Inputs From NDTV)

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