• Jignesh Mevani claims BJP-led Gujarat govt ‘useless’



    Digital Desk: On his arrival in Gujarat on Tuesday, Gujarat MLA and Dalit politician Jignesh Mevani, who was arrested by Assam police in Gujarat two weeks ago and released on bail on Friday, criticised the BJP. Mevani slammed the state for doing "nothing" while a legislator was "kidnapped," and he branded Assam Police's arrest a "insult" to Gujaratis.


    "I'd like to inform the Gujarat government that you are so 'nikamma' (useless) that you were powerless to stop the Assam Police from trampling on Gujarat's pride. It's something you should be embarrassed of. The kidnapping of a Gujarat MLA and transporting him to Assam is an insult to Gujarat's 6.5 million people "In Ahmedabad, Mevani, an independent lawmaker from Vadgam, stated.


    During his speech, he also asked residents of the state to swear that they would never vote for the BJP again and that they would never attend a meeting of the RSS, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the BJP's ideological mentor. Mevani further chastised the Assam government for refusing to apologise to him.



    Mevani landed in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on Tuesday evening to a rousing reception from his supporters. He thanked Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders from Gujarat and Assam for their support during his detention upon his arrival.

    Last year, Mevani was widely expected to join the Congress, but she declined due to 'technical difficulties.' He did, however, pledge his support to the party and is expected to run for the Guajrat assembly on a Congress ticket this year.


    Mevani was apprehended by police in Kokrajhar, Assam, on April 21 for allegedly insulting tweets directed towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He was transported to Assam. He was released on bond four days later, but was detained again less than an hour later on charges of assaulting a female police officer. On April 29, he was granted bail in the second case.


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