• "Allow Trucks To Enter": Mizoram Urges To Assam

    "Allow Trucks To Enter": Mizoram Urges To Assam

    Due to the ongoing disputes between Assam and Mizoram, trucks have been stranded at the border area, because of which the Mizoram government has urged the authorities of Assam to allow the entry of the trucks into the state.

    In a letter to his Assam counterpart on Monday, Mizoram Home Secretary Vanlalngaihsaka wrote, “Vehicles bound for Mizoram which have been stranded on NH-306 at Lailapur since 26.07.2021 want to enter…without delay. In this regard, kindly make all arrangements immediately for enabling their entry without any law and order problem in Assam”. The Mizoram secretary gave assurance of safety and security of all the drivers, passengers entering its territory.

    Last week, the Assam government had issued a travel advisory, which actually urged the people of Assam not to travel to Mizoram and also urged its citizens, staying in Mizoram due to work-related compulsion to exercise with utmost caution.

    "Because of the border clash between the two states on July 26, no vehicles have entered the state of Mizoram from Assam," according to sources.