• ‘World’s largest family’ in Mizoram under the grip of massive covid-19 outbreak


    Aizawl: The world’s largest family in Mizoram’s Chhunthar Run have reported massive covid-19 outbreak. The largest family of Ziona Chana in Baktawng, where over 2,000 people live together, have reported mass covid cases.

    Till Friday, from 2,224 inhabitants of Chhunthar Tlangnuam village, who are said to be followers of Ziona Chana, a religious sect that practices polygamy, a total of 1,255 samples were tested, out of which as many as 80 were found positive. Among the 80 positive inhabitants, 80 are immediate family members of late Ziona.

    240 members of the community have been reported to have contracted the virus.

    Mass testing conducted in the last 7 days have thrown up startling finds wherein 163 people from the area have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

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