• “Almost 36,000 children have been infected so far, 38 Children succumbed to the virus”: Minister Kes


    Guwahati: State Health Minister Keshab Mahanta during a presser disclosed that around 36,000 children have been affected by the virus to date while 38 have succumbed to the infection in the state. Of the 36,000 affected, 2,890 children are said to be active caseloads as per the latest data.

    Addressing the media the Minister said, “Almost 36,000 children have been infected so far.”

    Moreover, the Health Minister further added that children who died were also suffering from other co-morbid conditions.

    An ongoing community surveillance programme across the state found that many children who were staying at home with Covid19 infected parents or guardians (who opted for home isolation) were later tested positive for the virus.

    Lancet India Task Force for Covid-19, advisory commission for paediatricians stated that there is no proof to suggest that children will be worst hit by the third wave. However, it can be said that the second wave has been far more dangerous for children and if these trends continue then the third wave could be even more dangerous for the children.

    As per the report, Dibrugarh, Nagaon, Kamrup and Sonitpur districts reported a high number of covid-19 cases among children.

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