• All Assam Students' Union stages protest against price hike

    All Assam Students' Union stages protest against price hike

    Lakhimpur: The All Assam Students' Union (AASU) staged a protest in Lakhimpur on Friday. They have set up protests against the sweltering rise in prices. 

    The activists of AASU initiated the protest against the recent price hike in fuels like petrol, Diesel, LPG(Liquid Petroleum Gas) and other essential commodities.

    Under the Lakhimpur district unit, all the regional groups of the body staged a demonstration presentation in their domains as per the directions announced by the district council. 

    The North Lakhimpur local unit of the organization, headed by the general secretary, staged a human chain in the face of the Deputy Commissioner's office. 

    They have criticized the State Government, Supply Department, Supply Minister Ranjeet Dass by screaming slogans. 

    By initiating the protest, the organization denounced the State Government's alleged negligence concerning regulating the excessive prices of petro-products and essential products. They additionally demanded to restrain price hikes as soon as possible.