• All the government employees have to vaccinate themselves before Monday: Minister Keshab Mahanta


    Guwahati: Assam Health Minister Keshab Mahanta today ordered all the government employees to get the covid jab before Monday.

    Minister Mahanta said, “All the government employees must vaccinate themselves. If an employee didn’t come to the office in the name of not taking the covid vaccine, then they will be terminated from the respected job.”

    “This is a reaction from the government side as in inspite of having sufficient amount of vaccine the employees keep neglecting it.” added the Minister.

    Additionally, the shopkeepers who didn’t take the covid jab will not be allowed to open their respective shops, and if someone violates it, their shops will be sealed by the District Commissioner.

    The Minister said, “Shopkeepers will not be allowed to open their shops if they didn’t vaccinate themselves against coronavirus.”

    “A team formed by district commissioners will seal the shops if it fails to take the covid jab.” added the Minister.

    Moreover, all the government and private offices will have to list their employee’s vaccination information outside the offices; however, if it fails, the government will close the office immediately.

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