• Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma meets PM Modi, asks transfer of ONGC operation areas to OIL


    Guwahati: The Assam Government has requested the center consider transferring all sections of land under the operation of ONGC to Oil India Ltd (OIL).

    The letter to the Prime Minister reads, "The areas that are presently under operation have been provided to the firms under the naming regime. As a result, they are the best operators in the area."

    Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated that ONGC and OIL are important players in the hydrocarbon enterprises in the northeastern states.

    It has been suggested that one main operator, preferably OIL, may take out the operation in the complete northeastern region. 

    Nearly the whole generation of OIL comes from the northeastern region. Hence its hub on research and composition in this region is undivided. 

    OIL is produced in Assam and has been serving there for numerous decades now. The interaction of OIL with the local people is praiseworthy.

    Defending his opinion, the Chief Minister further stated, "Oil India is a firm rooted in the northeastern area, and it recognizes the region's diversity. With more than 90 percent of workers from the area, the company would be capable of concentrating with an undivided notice on the services and being sensitive to the purposes of the local people. Therefore, OIL can strive to be the unique Maharatna company in our area and promote the Act East Policy.

    OIL can likewise endeavor to produce a hydrocarbon sector production/assistance center in Assam. In the long run, it will seek to render co-operations to the far easterly nations.

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