• Assam Government releases new SOP Guidelines; curfew from 10 pm

    Assam Government releases new SOP Guidelines; curfew from 10 pm

    Guwahati: The Assam government issued a revised SOP, which sees further easing of its previous restrictions. The announcement made by the Health Minister of Assam, Keshab Mahanta, mentions about the night curfew timings being changed from 9 to 10 pm, that will remain until 5am in the morning.

    The other guidelines issued by the Assam government are:

    1. The night curfew being extended from 9 to 10 pm will now allow all workplaces, shops and business establishments to remain open till 9 PM.
    2. Maximum 50 persons will be allowed to participate in a public gathering, if vaccinate with both doses.
    3. Now 200 persons will be allowed to attend marriage parties, only if all the attendees are fully vaccinated
    4. 60 persons who are fully vaccinated can be allowed to visit the famous religious places and 40 visitors at other religious places will be allowed per hour
    5. Bringing in a major relief for the owners of Cinema halls and cinema goers, the Cinema Halls will now reopen with 50 % audience and the audience should be fully vaccinated.
    6. Cinema halls should maintain COVID-19 protocols.
    7. The teachers and students who are fully vaccinated shall attend schools.
    8. The head of the educational institution should make sure that the teachers and students are fully vaccinated and a banner should be hanged in front of the schools.