• Assam-Mizoram border witness another grenade blast, second in 24 hours


    Dholai: A day following a grenade blast occurred near Assam-Mizoram Border, two grenade explosions jolted at Dholai near Assam-Mizoram Border in Cachar District today.

    It is suspected that the Mizo miscreants might have conducted the grenade blasts.

    This is the second blast to have occurred in just 24 hours near the disputed Assam-Mizoram border.

    Till now, no reports of casualties or damages have been reported.

    Previously, a grenade was triggered along the inter-state border on Saturday when senior officials attended the areas.

    Since October last year, numerous inter-state border conflicts have taken place along the Assam-Mizoram border, including over 50 people have been harmed, and more than 25 residences and stores had been fixed on fire on the Assam side.

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